•      Excalibur’s goal is to insure our customer that the product they receive will meet their requirements for high quality at a fair price. Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado our 30,000 square-foot facility is designed for just-in-time manufacturing. Our proven Kanban system of organization is a critical means of inventory control for hardware and raw materials.We manufacture and ship products all over the United States and overseas.

    Sheet Metal

    Explore Our Sheet Metal Capabilities

         Were equipped with Amada Gemini 4 laser, Amada AE 2510 NT automated turret punch. These revolutionary laser and turret punches have the capability of tapping and counter sinking as well as punching holes 50% smaller than ever before with less energy consumption and at a faster pace.  Our forming  department is equipped with six highly capable breaks with a maximum load of 140 ton  and a bend length of 10 ft.


    Machine Shop

    Explore Our Machining Capabilities 

         Our 5000 square-foot precision machining operation continues to expand with 14 CNC machining centers.




    We have trusted vendors in our supply chain to handle all our anodizing and chrome plating requirements. our post-processing department we have the capabilitie of deburring and graning sheet metal parts in a single operation. Our hardware department keep hundred of types of PEM hardware in stock and is efficiently inserted using our PEM Inserter machines.

     Quoting Process

    - To being the process our quoting professionals will communicate with the customer and gather the required information and answer any questions needed. The information is then calculated and to develop an official quote and provided to the customer within the expected time frame. Please fill out the form listed below to provide our staff with the information needed.




    -Our experienced employees use integrated shop software to develop the most competitive price. They will also offer cost saving options to offer the highest quality part at the right price.

       On-Time Delivery

    -Being on time is very important to us. That why we take great measures to insure our deliveries meet the customer requirements. This year we have averaged a 95.27% on-time delivery rate.


    -This quality of our parts is the driving factor of our company's reputation. We have made investments into equipment and personal so that are parts are measured with the highest grade of precision. Our equipment undergoes routine calibration inspections and abides by all ISO regulations.

    Supplier Quality Clauses 2-1-18