Utilizing over 8,000 sq ft, 60+yrs combined powder coating experience, and time-tested equipment, Excalibur has been a leader in powder coating for many years.  We offer multiple levels of processing to achieve the best possible product with affordable pricing. Our top level of processing is a five-step process including; sandblast, phosphate wash, primer coat, colored top coat, and clear coat.  Excalibur’s knowledge can help guide you to the appropriate level of processing based on your needs.  We utilize multiple suppliers, giving us the ability to match any color or sheen.  We also stock all of Cardinal’s standard color offerings which gives us the opportunity to achieve quick turn lead times. With our in-house machine shop, sheet metal shop and welding shop, Excalibur is the ultimate one-stop shop to partner with.


Our sandblasting and chemical stripping capabilities give us the ability to do the job right and achieve the fine finishes you are looking for.

  • 12’x18’x32’ large parts sandblasting room (inquire about specific large parts capability)
  • 3’x3’x6’ small parts sandblasting cabinet
  • Chemical stripping


Often overlooked, parts washing and masking prep can make the difference in a quality finish. Utilizing proper phosphate washing systems and highly experienced masking and prep techs gives us the ability to achieve consistent quality finishes.

  • 20”x36” small parts washing system
  • Fremont large parts washing system
  • In stock, wide range of masking and prep materials


 We have the equipment and extensive experience to achieve consistent quality powder coating of parts across a wide range of industries including; aerospace, construction, automotive and DIY.

  • (x2) 10’x10’x8’ powder booth
  • 10’x14’x32’ powder booth
  • 10’x10’x10’ curing oven
  • 10’x10’x32’ curing oven (region’s largest curing oven)


  • Multiple forklifts and a wide range of racking systems.